windows-phone-8-updateRemember earlier this morning when we brought you word that Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system actually outsold the likes of the iPhone and BlackBerry in select markets? Well, back then, the list of countries were not available for the masses to check out, but things do not remain a secret for too long on the Internet, and here we are with the juicy list where Windows Phones outship iPhones.


Thanks to the folks over at The New York Times, they managed to pester the good people at the IDC in order to reveal the list, and the countries would be Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and Ukraine. Apart from that, there is also a segment known as the “rest of central and eastern Europe”, which will include Croatia. This list concentrated on figures achieved during the fourth quarter of the year, and it must be noted that the last 3 countries together had a combined figure of less than 100,000 Windows Phones shipped there each, so it means that the numbers of iPhones shipped there are also far lower, without taking into account the grey market. It is a no brainer to say that countries where Nokia still had a strong foothold resulted in fantastic Windows Phones sales performance.

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