BGgegUzCUAI5ryLSo we know that Blackberry is set to release several new devices later this year, two of which we know of: the Blackberry Z10, which has already been released, and the Blackberry Q10 which will be released in the near future. However the remaining devices are something of a mystery, what could Blackberry have planned? Well according to Twitter account, BB10Leaks, they have posted an image (picture above) that is alleged the roadmap of Blackberry’s devices for the year 2013. As we can see, Q1 saw the release of the Z10, with the Q10 pegged for a Q2 launch. Those at least seem to be pretty spot on. However it’s the remaining devices that has gotten us curious.


We can see in Q3 that Blackberry has a device called the L planned which based on its appearance, looks like a tablet. Q4 will see the launch of a device called the U10 which might seem like Blackberry has plans to enter the phablet scene, and in Q2 2014, there is the R10 which looks like the Q10, albeit bigger with an edge-to-edge display. Of course this roadmap’s authenticity cannot be proven at this point in time, so for all we know it could be fan-made so it’s best you take this with a grain of salt for now. However if it is true, the U10 is of particular interest – would any of you guys be interested in a Blackberry 10 phablet?

Update – As it turns out, we’ve been had! It was an April Fool’s prank although we have to say it was somewhat convincing!

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