Analysts usually fire off their opinions in notes to investors, they often make some interesting observations and comments. Steve Milunovich, an analyst at UBS, believes that iPhone 5 sales have been disappointing because its not a killer product. Now I am sure many of you would disagree with him, but he bases his argument upon the idea that iPhone 5 sales have been hit by the popularity of Samsung’s gigantic phablets, which offer greater screen real estate.

He goes on to say that the new iOS 7 design due for release this summer won’t be enough to get people excited, in fact he believes that Apple won’t be of any excitement in this quarter. In order to get people excited the company must offer new services and “hopefully” integrate the new fingerprint technology. He further adds that the iPhone 5 has selling potential which will remain intact until the next generation iPhone is released, finishing off by saying that people are migrating to iPhone 5 a lot slowly to what Apple had in mind.

Right now a lot of analysts are of the view that Apple won’t be releasing anything ‘new’ in 2013, that there won’t be any revolutionary products like the iPhone or Macbook Air were back in the day. Products rumored to release this quarter include the next generation iPhone, next generation iPad and the second generation iPad mini. Apple iWatch and iTV have been rumored as well, but both are believed to have been pushed back to next year.

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