iphone-5-inch-screen-analystIt was just last month that a report suggested that the iPhone 6 would feature a fingerprint scanner. This contradicted earlier reports that the iPhone 5S would get that feature, although it seems that the rumors are back again, this time according to Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets who claims that the iPhone 5S will feature the fingerprint scanner. We’re not sure what’s with the back and forth here as it seems to no one really knows what’s going on, so take this with a grain of salt for now.

White, in his note to investors, believes that the fingerprint scanner technology will be marketed the same way that Siri was marketed for the iPhone 4S, basically indicating that this could be a major feature for the phone. White goes on to claim that there will not be major changes made to the phone, apart from the additional of the scanner, and that there will be an improvement to the camera as well as having the left buttons arranged slightly different.

These are not ludicrous claims and considering Apple’s purchase of Authentec, fingerprint scanning might not be a stretch of the imagination. In any case to a certain extent these rumors are more believable compared to White’s prediction of the iTV which will apparently feature some sort of ring-like controller, but at the same time remember to take it with a grain of salt anyway.

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