apple-logoConsumers in China were not too happy over the last two weeks, no thanks to Apple’s reduced warranty coverage which concerns refurbished replacement devices for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models that were faulty. This reduced warranty coverage has definitely a different time period compared to other countries, and there was also a somewhat aloof lack of response from Apple that further angered customers.

Nice to see CEO Tim Cook apologize today on behalf of his company, with the promise that “Apple’s commitment and passion for China are no different than for other countries.” The China team of Cook will now deliver an improved warranty policy for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which will include the first 15-day grace period that boasts of full device replacement as normal, while the rest of the one-year warranty period will include brand new parts replacement or brand new device replacement, instead of just replacing it with refurbished parts or a refurbished device. iPads will maintain a two-year coverage on key components, and its batteries as well as accessories will only receive one year warranty coverage. Ah well, this should go some way in appeasing the anger of the masses.

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