Austin, Texas will soon be getting a dose of Google Fiber as it has been selected as the first city to receive the service outside of Kansas City in the middle of 2014. But it looks like there’s about to be an old-fashioned showdown out in the street as AT&T is announcing they also plan on delivering a 1Gbps network in Austin as well.

AT&T calls the move a part of its “Project VIP” broadband initiative with the company currently prepared to build it 1Gbps network in Austin. “Most encouraging is the recognition by government officials that policies which eliminate unnecessary regulation, lower costs and speed infrastructure deployment, can be a meaningful catalyst to additional investment in advanced networks which drives employment and economic growth,” said AT&T’s chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson.

As of now, AT&T’s announcement doesn’t disclose when their network will be available to its customers in Austin or how much the improved speeds will cost. Regardless of those points, things are about to get much more interesting in the streets of Austin pretty soon.

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