Playing video games takes skill if you want to be really good, but even when you’re good, there’s always room to improve and according to the folks at Riot, the chances of a gamer achieving a pentakill on League of Legends is about 1 in every 1,500 matches. Of course these odds will depend on the gamer’s skill, but we guess because the achievement is pretty hard to get, even a player of good skill will find it hard to achieve that. However one particular gamer by the handle of Aieron has managed to do that, and if you’re wondering what so special about this, it’s because Aieron, whose real name is Keith Knight, managed to do this without using his hands.

Knight is currently afflicted by Amyoplasia Arthrogrypos, meaning that he was born with less muscle mass than the average person, and with his joints stiffening as he gets older, he is unable to use his arms or hands well enough to operate a computer, and according to his Facebook page, he manages to game using his mouth, foot and elbow! If you have a minute or so to spare, check out the video above to see him achieve the rare pentakill!

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