sprint_signThe other we reported that Dish had made a counter-offer to Sprint and offered to acquire the company for more than what Japanese carrier, Softbank, was offering. Softbank seems to be unfazed by the counter-offer and expects the deal to conclude in a timely manner as expected, and if offering Sprint more money wasn’t enough, Dish is now stating that they believe that for them to buy Sprint would be in the interest of national security.

Dish has submitted a filing to the FCC and claimed that allowing Softbank to acquire Sprint would not be good for national security, and according to Reuters, they are asking the FCC to suspend the review of the buyout, stating that “Dish’s merger proposal is better for American consumers, better for Sprint shareholders, and better for national security than the SoftBank proposal.” This is not the first time we’ve heard about concerns over national security as Sprint and Softbank have stated back in March that they promise not to use Chinese equipment. In any case we’re not sure what this filing to the FCC will accomplish and if it will derail Softbank’s plans and schedule.

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