One thing for sure in the past few days would be this – HTC and Nokia cannot be the best of friends. It simply is not possible, as Nokia has brought HTC to task for using a microphone part which was originally meant for exclusive use in Nokia smartphones only, no thanks to an oversight by the folks over at STM Microelectronics who surprisingly enough in this day and age, has interpreted the contract that they signed with the Finnish smartphone manufacturer totally off the charts. Well, HTC has to source for a new microphone from someone else to include in their future HTC Ones that roll off the production line, but thankfully, this latest Nokia vs HTC patent claim case in Germany has been thrown out of the court, which gives HTC some breathing space in the meantime.

Basically, the District Court of Mannheim, Germany, dismissed a patent claim which focuses on the way an Android smartphone accesses the Internet through the Google Play Store. It so happens to be disguised as a straight shot at HTC, where in essence, it is targeting Google’s Android platform. This so happens to be a significant win for Google as well as other manufacturers who rely on similar architecture with their Android devices.

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