Google Glass has only been shipped out to a few select people, dubbed Explorers, and they are keeping the public informed about the various details of this gadget through a variety of mediums. Jay Freeman, a.k.a Saurik, is regarded as a legend in iOS jailbreak arena. He also happens to be a Google Glass Explorer, and what did he do with his unit? He performed a jailbreak.

The Google Glass jailbreak gives Jay Freeman root access, which means he has unadulterated access to the underlying Android operating system that Glass is running on. He said that the entire process took him a couple of hours, he just had to make it think that it was an emulation and not the actual hardware. He was then given root access, which is the norm with emulations, as they’re used for testing. This Google Glass jailbreak was performed using an Android 4.0 exploit that was initially discovered by B1nary, who is another hacker. Stephen Lau, the Google X project engineer, confirmed that the company has intentionally left Explorer edition units unlocked so that Explorers can hack it and can do crazy stuff with it. So it can’t be said for sure whether consumer Google Glass units, which won’t be available until 2014, will be able to be jailbroken.

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