Google revealed the specs of its Google Glass earlier this month where they said the wearable computer will have a 5MP camera, will be capable of projecting a 25-inch display and promises an all-day battery. Unfortunately, it looks like that promise of an all-day battery may not be as true as Google would have us believe as reports are coming in Google Glass might have a problem with its battery.

One of the first people to receive a Google Glass Explorer Edition is Robert Scoble, who decided to take a Q&A on Quora where he said the battery on the device is “a real problem.” In the discussion, Scoble says, “One six-minute video I did took 20 per cent of the battery,” which he also adds may have been the reason as to why Google wanted to keep the UI minimal in order to save its extremely limited battery.

A 20 percent drop in battery life for just a six minute video means that taking thirty minutes of video would most likely result in your Google Glass going dead. For a device that is supposed to be as portable as Google Glass, this is certainly something Google needs to improve if it wants people to even begin to consider the device.

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