hijack-leadOur smartphone apps these days can perform a fair number of tasks, ranging from simple reminders, to more complex such as tracking our location, places we’ve run, how far we’ve run and etc. However an app that could in theory hack aircraft? That just sounds dangerous, but unfortunately it is all too real. Hugo Teso, a security consultant who happens to be a trained commercial pilot, claims to have developed an Android app that can make an aircraft “dance to his tune” by hacking its flight management systems. The hack was shown off at the Hack In The Box conference where the app, dubbed PlaneSploit, was able to seek out targets by infiltrating radio broadcasts between the aircraft and air traffic control, and then hijacking it by sending malicious messages to take over the plane. As it stands, the app is more of a proof-of-concept software and presumably will not be making its way into app stores anytime soon, so hopefully those in charge of security will be looking into this ASAP!

Update: the FAA is dismissing the hacking claim

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