hasselblad-503cw-discIt goes without saying that a company like Hasselblad is one that is knee deep in tradition, but then again, it would be rather difficult to build up a rather large user base when the starting price of your cameras would be able to purchase a new car for you. Well, we have heard that Hasselblad is about to halt the production of its V System camera, which would also be better known by its model number, the 503CW. This bit of information comes about 17 years after the first models were introduced to the world off the assembly line.

Apparently, interest in the past five years of the 503CW’s life has waned rather rapidly. Although support for the camera will continue in addition to accessories for it being sold, chances are Hasselblad will concentrate all of their “firepower” on the digital-first H System cameras such as the H5D. Are you sad or indifferent that the V System has finally hit the end of the road? [Press Release]

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