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LG Aims High At CES 2016
At its press event, LG was laser-focused on the user experience and on the clarity of purpose of each product it makes. LG’s new Signature line of products definitely aims for the high-end.

GE Café French Door Refrigerator Targets Coffee Lovers
If you happen to have a great love for coffee, and would like a home that is well designed so that the aesthetics flow naturally from one end to the other – furniture and appliances included, then the GE Café French Door Refrigerator might be the perfect fit for you – especially when it comes with the Keurig K-Cup brewing system, which will bring the convenience of single-serve brewing at […]

Keep Your Watermelon Cool With This Portable Fridge
Summer is right around the corner, which means you’re going to be wanting to have a watermelon with you at nearly all times as it’s never a bad time to chow down on a slice of refreshing watermelon. But the trick to eating a watermelon is to keep it as cool as possible up until you slice that sucker open, which unfortunately for the human body, means we’ll have to […]

This fridge is easier to open with a smile
A smile costs you nothing, and yet offers adequate exercise for your facial muscles while bringing down the guard of others around you. Well, you can add one more benefit to the list – it will make life easier for folks who spend plenty of time opening a fridge to snack on its contents. Scientists at the University of Tokyo Sony CSL (Computer Science Labs) have made such a scenario […]


Smeg fridge has a denim covering
We hardly cover news about refrigerators, but today’s story is a little special – off the beaten path, or so you might say. The Smeg fridge is covered with denim, while it ensures that everything inside remains nice and cool as well. Denims have proven to be one of the more popular material used for clothing, especially when it comes to a good pair of jeans. Why not dress up […]

Samsung LCD Refrigerator with apps now on sale
Who would’ve thought we’d live to see the day where our refrigerators can do more than just keep our food and cooking ingredients cold? Earlier this year, Samsung introduced us to the world of next generation kitchen appliances, and one of them was the LCD Refrigerator: a fridge that packed an LCD touchscreen display, with the ability to run apps to improve our daily lives.With a touchscreen interface on your […]

Concept Bio Robot fridge keeps your food fresh in gel
Electrolux Design Lab holds an annual competition where they challenge students to come up with home appliances based on a theme. Well for the 2010 competition which just ended on Sunday, the theme was “The 2nd Space Age” where students design appliances that would feel at home in the year 2050.One of the stand-out entries is from Russian student, Yuriy Dmitriev with his Bio Robot Fridge. This super thin fridge […]

Samsung RF4289 smart fridge gets a price tag
Just like all technology when it is first released, it gets tagged with a ridiculous price until the competition arrives with lower prices, and it usually starts to drop from there. But sometimes, technology is pretty ridiculous, and you wonder why people come up with it in the first place. Case in point – the RF4289 fridge from Samsung.First unveiled at CES 2011 this year, the RF4289 is a regular […]

Particulate Food Fridge concept
You know, technology has progressed at such a rate where owning your very own personal refrigerator is no longer a big deal, but here is a concept that might just blow you away – we’re talking about the Particulate Food Fridge which ought to be a perfect fit for just about any lifestyle. What makes this different is how it looks – it does seem to resemble a lunchbox instead […]

Self-cleaning fridge concept for the future
Cleaning the fridge is not something that we look forward to during our free time and hopefully technology will be happy to take care of that chore for us. A concept design for a self-cleaning fridge has surfaced, created as a collaboration between scientists at the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado. The fridge is designed to clean itself, cut down on wasted food, scan its shelves for […]

Refrigerator 2 holds integrated LCD TV to entertain homemakers
If you’re a homemaker, hats off to you for being able to juggle so many commitments simultaneously while keeping a pleasant disposition throughout the entire day. For those who spend plenty of time in the kitchen, you might want to have some TV shows to keep you company, and if there isn’t enough space left to fit one of those new flat panel displays, fret not. The Refrigerator 2 from […]

Samsung Zipel refrigerator surfs the Internet
You know that the future is here when even your everyday fridge boasts Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to surf the Internet while you try to figure out just what drink to make with an array of ready ingredients within. The Samsung Zipel has affluent South Koreans in its crosshairs, boasting a 10″ touchscreen display, the aforementioned Wi-Fi connectivity and plays nice with DLNA devices. The display itself can double up […]

Window Fridge makes it easier to come to a decision
The Window Fridge is one concept that should be a staple in all refrigerators worldwide, as it helps you make a decision before opening the door which in turn helps save the environment since you won’t waste time and energy, thinking about a choice between the Coke or Pepsi with the fridge door fully open. Apart from that, the fridge comes in a long tube design that makes it a […]

Gorenje SmartTable keeps its cool
What looks like a standard round table to sit your corporate knights whenever you chair a meeting has a luxurious secret hidden within – the Gorenje SmartTable helps keep things cool by featuring a refrigerator built right into it, keeping its contents nice and cool. It has enough space to store at least a bottle of bubbly as well as some fruits, rising out from the middle like some sort […]

Flatshare Fridges take The Lego Approach
Taking a cue from Ikea’s flatpack philosophy, the stackable Flatshare Fridges designed by Stefan Buchberger ought to be a hit in dorms worldwide should it ever enter production. Stefan is a student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where his Flatshare Fridges will come in a wide range of colors and can be customized in many configurations, since each fridge brick is much smaller compared to the traditional […]