kia-club-healthMost, if not all, of the vehicles that you see on the road these days started off as a concept. It makes perfect sense, as a concept would also allow a company to gauge the potential reception that a particular ride receives when it is finally released to the masses. Not only that, concepts will throw away all conventional thinking that boxes one in, and frees the designer to push the boundaries of what is the current norm. The Kia CUB concept that was revealed at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show, will be a five door compact vehicle that targets ‘trend-setting urban dwellers’.

The Kia CUB concept will make use of long, low shapes, where the interior remains fully focused on the driver, while all the rest of the normally fussy details have been suppressed to the bare minimum. As for the instrument panel itself, it is comprised of a couple of large gauges that Kia claims were ‘inspired by the eyes of a wild animal.’ There is also a sensor strip which has been integrated into the steering wheel, where it claims to monitor the driver’s biorhythms. Isn’t this concept neat or what? Would you like to see it roll off production lines eventually?

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