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Hyundai Confirms Talks With Apple For The ‘Apple Car’ Have Ended
The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of Apple Car-related news and rumors, with reports claiming that Hyundai and Apple were in talks to build the company’s rumored “Apple Car”. However, on Friday it was reported that those talks were put on hold and now according to a new report from Bloomberg, those talks have since come to an end.

Apple Could Invest As Much As $3.6 Billion In Kia
The rumors surrounding Apple’s plans for their own electric car don’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. In fact, if anything, it sounds like Apple’s plans are actually speeding up where if the rumors are true, they could sign a deal with Kia as soon as the 17th of February to  establish a production relationship.

Some Hyundai Execs Aren’t On Board With The Idea Of Helping Apple Build Their Car
A report from earlier this month revealed that Hyundai is/was in talks with Apple to help the company build its own electric car. A subsequent report suggested that the company could hand off the project to Kia, a sub-brand of Hyundai. This would allow Apple to make their car stateside.

Apple Car Production Reportedly ‘Handed Off’ To Kia
According to recent reports, it seems that Apple’s progress on their electric car is coming along nicely, to the point where Apple is apparently looking for companies to help them make their car. Recently, we heard that Hyundai was the frontrunner to produce the Apple Car, but now a new report suggests otherwise.


Kia’s AI Can Adjust The Interior Of Vehicles Based On Your Emotions
You’ve probably realized this, but based on how a room is lit up or the colors of the walls or art, it can evoke certain feelings in you. Kia knows this and is hoping to leverage that by implementing it into the interiors of their cars, although in this particular instance, AI will be used to determine your mood and the car’s interiors will change accordingly.

Kia And Hyundai Cars Will Feature AI Assistants In 2019
Car manufacturers are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants for future models so it’s not surprising to see two firms with a history of adopting new in-car technology ahead of their rivals throw their hats in the ring as well. Kia and Hyundai have both revealed that their 2019 cars will include artificial intelligence-backed virtual assistants.

2017 Kia Cadenza Gets A Fiercer Look
Kia of South Korea has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings, and in the recent years, it has given many a motor company a run for their money with the kind of value propositions that Kia delivers. This time around, Kia has unveiled the exterior of the redesigned and sportier looking 2017 Cadenza luxury car which will hit the market in 2016.

TomTom Set To Offer European KIA Cars Traffic And Weather Data
How many of you out there actually refer to the weather report not only for the day ahead, but also the forecast for an entire week? Well, if you happen to have raised your hand in affirmation and live in Europe, perhaps it might be time to consider a KIA the next time you want to purchase a new ride. Why do we say so? Well, it looks as though […]

Hyundai And Kia To Introduce Android-based Navigational Systems In Future Models
Good news Android users, if you weren’t exactly happy that many car manufacturers had started to turn to iOS integration with their vehicles, perhaps your next car purchase could be along the lines of a Kia or a Hyundai. This is thanks to both companies announcing that future models manufactured by either car company will start to include Android-based navigation systems, although the exact specifics of such systems were not […]

Kia CUB Concept Has A Heart For Your Health
Most, if not all, of the vehicles that you see on the road these days started off as a concept. It makes perfect sense, as a concept would also allow a company to gauge the potential reception that a particular ride receives when it is finally released to the masses. Not only that, concepts will throw away all conventional thinking that boxes one in, and frees the designer to push […]

Google To Integrate Google Maps And Google Places Into Kia Cars
The new year has arrived and it is the perfect time for Google and Kia to announce a new strategic partnership that will change the game. Via press release, Kia announced that it is working with Google to provide better content and search-based solutions for its second-generation UVO eServices telematics system. Kia’s UVO eServices is a telematics system that is based on the UVO infotainment system that Kia and Microsoft […]

Kia Car Cheers For Vancouver Whitecaps
When it comes to sporting events, having the right kind of support for your team is important to maintain a strong mental outlook. Case in point where the sport of soccer (or football as the world knows it) is concerned, the supporters are more often than not dubbed as the “12th man” on the pitch. Well, part of a celebration of the 2012 MLS Season has seen South Korean car […]

Kia and DC Entertainment reveal custom superhero inspired cars
Superheroes who cannot fly do need a cool ride of their own – after all, if you are going to be dressed in spandex and wear your underwear on the outside, turning up at the battle scene via public transport is not going to impress anyone, is it? Kia Motors America and DC Entertainment have teamed up to work on five custom cars which have been inspired by the superhero […]

Samsung and Kia to integrate the Galaxy Tab 10.1 into the K9
If you were planning on getting your hands on Kia’s upcoming K9 vehicle, you could be getting your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 along with your car. Samsung and Kia have announced that both companies have joined up in an effort to equip the Kia K9 cars with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet. In fact, if you pre-order the vehicle (which is expected to be released in […]

KIA IVI concept at CES 2012
[CES 2012] KIA welcomes innovation in their vehicles, and their newer models certainly reflect a forward-looking design. Good technology needs to be incorporated as well, and the IVI concept that you see above (and in the picture gallery after the jump) stands for In Vehicle Infotainment concept, sporting a 10.1″ display that is located on top of the dashboard, while there is a brother to keep it company – a […]

Kia Ray EV announced
Kia Motors, one of Korea’s popular car manufacturers, has announced the launch of Korea’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) – the Kia Ray EV. If the first thing that popped into your mind was the sleek curves of a manta ray’s body when you heard the name “Ray” you’re not alone – that was my first though. However it looks like Kia has decided to go with a not-so-sleek boxy shape […]

Kia to rollout electric minicar late 2011
With electric vehicles (EV) slowly, but surely, kicking off, Kia has decided to launch one of their own and is expected to rollout the vehicle by the end of 2011. No word on what the name of their EV will be, but the project has been dubbed with the codename “TAM”. Kia’s EV is also expected to be based on Hyundai’s i10 BlueOn electric minicar (pictured above).

KIA makes use of Explore Engage’s new Augmented Reality advertising app
Explore Engage has developed a new way for consumers to experience advertisements. All users have to do is download an app on their iPhone or Android phone, use the camera to capture a logo and trigger the advertisement. KIA, Korean car manufacturer, has partnered with Explore Engage to provide consumers with the world’s first ever Augmented Reality advertisement for their new Optima. All they have to do is locate the […]

Kia Ray Plug-in Hybrid Concept Car With Solar Roof
With everybody trying to “go green”, it seems that Kia Motors doesn’t want to be left behind as Kia Motors America has unveiled the Ray, a Plug-in Hybrid concept at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. The most notable feature of this 173-inch long car would have to be the single piece of glass that extends over the hood, and another that starts at the cowl of the windshield, going all […]