has now released new iPhone and Android apps with an updated UI. The overall look and feel of these apps has been greatly overhauled and it is miles ahead of the previous version. Along with this update, LinkedIn has also revamped its mobile site and it too features the overhauled user interface.Apps for both iPhone and Android have been built from the ground up specifically for each platform, meaning that the app is now radically faster as it does not have to download elements from the web. In an other update recently, LinkedIn added @mentionsto spur up conversations on the network.


The completely redesigned apps have a richer content stream up front and center, the stream will show the tailoredupdates news and original posts from Influencers. Liking and commenting is now directly available in the stream. There’s a brand new navigation pages which offers more enhanced personalization options.Sliding the main homepage screen to the right reveals a customizable navigation page that comes preloaded with features that a user might need on the fly.The new LinkedIn app can now be downloaded from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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