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LinkedIn Hit With Lawsuit For Reading Apple Users’ Clipboard Data
One of the features that Apple introduced in iOS 14 that improves on user privacy, is that the OS will notify users whenever their clipboard has been accessed by an app. This is make it a more transparent process so that users know which apps are accessing data on their devices, in case they weren’t aware before.

U.S. Accuses China Of Recruiting Spies On LinkedIn
LinkedIn, the professional social network, is apparently being used aggressively by China to recruit spies in the United States. This according to the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center chief William Evanina. He says that intelligence agencies in China are behind a “super aggressive” campaign to recruit spies on LinkedIn. It’s a platform that’s widely used for job search in the United States and elsewhere.

How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account
Unlike some social networking platforms out there, LinkedIn makes it very easy for users to completely erase their accounts. Once you do that, your profile will vanish from the LinkedIn platform and eventually stop showing up on search engine results.

Update To LinkedIn Now Lets Users Leave Voice Messages
Back in the day before instant messenger apps were around and before SMS became popular, the only way you could reach someone is either you call them or leave a voice message if they did not come to the phone. These days it’s a lot more efficient to just leave a regular text message which the other person can respond to at their own leisure.


LinkedIn Introduces QR Codes To Make Connecting Easier
While Facebook might be the de facto social network, there are many who turn to LinkedIn when they want to keep their social media separate from each other, keeping personal and professional on different platforms. Now if you are an avid LinkedIn user, you might be interested with some of the updates that they have released.

LinkedIn Now Lets You Know How Far Your New Job Is
There are various factors when it comes to choosing a job. Things such as what’s expected of you, the kind of work involved, how much you’ll be getting in terms of pay, and also where the job is located. After all transport costs can add up in terms of time and money, but LinkedIn is here to help.

LinkedIn Users Can Now 'Ask For A Referral' Before Applying For A Job
LinkedIn has released a new feature for job seekers on its platform which will enable them to leverage their network of connections as they try to find a new job. The “Ask for a Referral” feature will place a button alongside the jobs where the user knows people through the platform who work at the company that’s now seeking to hire new people. The button will let users send those […]

Microsoft Releases Its LinkedIn Resume Assistant For Office 365
It’s one thing to have the best education and work experience you could possibly have, but if you are unable to show it on your resume or make it clear to prospective employers, then it’s kind of moot. This is why being able to craft a good resume is one of the key aspects of landing a job and standing out amongst the applicants.

LinkedIn Integration With Word Makes Writing A Resume Easy
When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion last year, it said that it’s going to integrated the professional social network with its Office applications. Since then, the company has released a new Windows 10 app for LinkedIn. Today, Microsoft has announced that it’s integrating LinkedIn with Microsoft Word. The integration will make it easier for users to write a resume.

Microsoft To Integrate LinkedIn With
Given how many social media platforms there are today, it also means that one would have to create a bunch of different profiles, whether it be for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, which can be rather overwhelming and also tiresome. However the good news for users is that they can sort of save themselves a bit of effort.

LinkedIn’s Messaging Gets New Smart Replies Feature
One of the nifty tricks and features introduced to Google’s Gmail platform is the smart reply feature. Basically based on the content of the message, Gmail will be able to offer users several different replies that might be suitable. These replies are usually short but they’re good enough to get the message across or used as an acknowledgement.

LinkedIn Crosses 500 Million Users
LinkedIn, now owned by Microsoft, today announced that it has crossed a major milestone. The social network for professionals now has more than half a billion members in 200 countries across the globe. The LinkedIn community continues to grow each year and the fact that it has achieved such a major milestone goes to show that LinkedIn has cemented its position in the online market.

‘Google Hire’ Could Be Google’s Answer To LinkedIn
We’ve seen how Google has tried to emulate certain popular apps and services in the past, such as how when social media was on the rise, Google tried to get in on it by launching Orkut and then Google+, although safe to say that neither have quite the same reach that Facebook has.

Apple & Google Removed LinkedIn’s App In Russia
If you’re in Russia and you use LinkedIn for professional purposes, it seems that you will no longer be able to use the service. According to a report from the New York Times, the Russian government has ordered both Apple and Google to remove the LinkedIn app from their respective app stores.