Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth sent out some tweets responding to recent rumors regarding the Xbox 720 requiring an always-on internet connection for playing games, saying that he doesn’t get all of the hue and cry about an always-on console. Rumor has it that the next generation Xbox will be completely useless if it is not connected to the internet, users will not be able to play any games at all. Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether or not this is true about the upcoming Xbox, but it did release an official statement regarding the tweets Adam posted.

Microsoft says that it apologizes for inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter and reminds us that Adam is not a spokesperson for the company, adding that his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach Microsoft takes towards its products or the way in which they directly communicate with their “loyal consumers”. Apology aside, the company makes no mention about Xbox 720. It merely says that they have not yet made any announcement about their product roadmap and that they do not have any further comment on this particular matter.

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