One thing is for certain, gamers aren’t exactly fans of games that require always on internet connectivity. This is evident from the backlash SimCity received for its always on DRM. Microsoft seems to be going in a completely different direction with the yet to be released Xbox 720. According to multiple sources the next Xbox might require gamers to have an always on internet connection just to play games on the console, and that the console will only continue to let them playing for three minutes in case the connection is disrupted.

That’s not all, according to the sources, no games or apps will be launched unless the console is connected to the internet. Previous rumors had suggested that Microsoft would require users to be connected to the internet while playing new games so that their activation codes can be verified, and users can be prevented from playing used games. Xbox 720 being useless without an internet connection is the first we’ve heard of this, Microsoft might want to rethink if it is actually planning on imposing this, considering Sony has already confirmed that PS4 will not require an online connection for starting or running any game.

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