Intel is reportedly working on cheap tablets and laptops. These new low cost devices will run on operating systems made by Google and Microsoft. Paul Otellini, CEO Intel, already said that touch devices could come with a price tag as low as $200. Though it does not necessarily mean that such a cheap tablet will run Windows 8, it’ll probably run Google’s OS. Right now a Windows 8 based tablet or laptop costs more than $600 which isn’t exactly in line with the price points Intel has in mind.

According to some analysts there has been chatter about 7-inch tablets powered by Windows 8. These tablets are said to tout Intel Atom processors and price tags as low as $299. The fact remains though, would a $200 Windows 8 touch device be at par in performance with other tablets of the same price range? While it has been rumored that Microsoft has lowered Windows 8 OEM prices in a bid to boost up demand, how much of a profit margin will a sub $200 Windows 8 touch device leave? These are essential questions that haven’t been answered yet, and many analysts too are asking the same questions. Are such products going to be feasible?

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