AT&T conducted a survey last week that found adults text and drive more than teenagers, but after hearing about this next story, we’re curious just how many of drivers out there double text and drive, which is probably as dangerous as it sounds as it involves a person texting and driving with two mobile devices.

According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama, 19-year-old Dandre Moore was found to be texting while driving his vehicle, which by itself is already a serious matter. But what officers found was Moore driving his vehicle with his knees so he could have both hands free to text with two separate devices. It also doesn’t help Moore’s case that he had two women and a three-year-old in the back of his vehicle, 386 oxycodone pills, Xanax, marijuana and $5,000 in cash. You would think with that amount of precious cargo, Moore might want to play it low-key.

Moore told officials he has been performing the unheard of act of double-texting while driving since he was 15, which we’re sure in his mind meant it was completely safe to do since he’s been doing it for the past four years. But the next time he performs this act, maybe he’ll do so without having a ton of drugs, a child and other passengers in his vehicle.

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