When you consider how much we rely on our mobile devices and what they’re capable of, it’s kind of silly to think we need to continually have them charging in order to get the most use out of them later. But what if you could plug in a smartphone battery when it’s completely dead, to have it fully charged in less than a second? That’s what is currently being developed in new microbatteries that are capable of providing a near-instant charge.

Scientists that are currently developing this new set of microbatteries say they’re able to recharge a thousand times faster than similar technologies and are made of high-power lithium ion and measure at only a few millimeters in size. Their size could mean these batteries could be used in a number of products that are small in size including medical devices, sensors and consumer electronics.

Not only is their size and ability to recharge nearly instantly impressive, but the charge they hold could jump-start a dead car battery to then become fully recharged a second later. As of now, the microbatteries are still being worked on as scientists are working to integrate them into other electronics components as well as ways to manufacture the batteries affordably.

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