There has been a steady stream of Xbox related rumors even after Microsoft announced that it will be revealing its upcoming console on the 21st of May. Rumor has it that Microsoft will name the next generation console Xbox Infinity, this of course contradicts previous rumors which claim that the company will simply be calling it the Xbox. The Xbox 720 moniker has been thrown around a lot as well, but we’ll know for sure what its called when Microsoft officially announces it.

Several sources are cited in a new report which says that the next generation Xbox controllers will have a clickable touch sensitive area. This area will reportedly support gestures as well as function as a directional control pad, similar to what one can find on the lower left on the existing Xbox controllers. Microsoft has said that it will fully unveil its next console at the E3 conference, and that it doesn’t have any comment on the product right now. Recent rumors also indicate that the new Xbox won’t actually impose the always-on internet connection need, it will be up to publishers to decide whether or not they want their games to require such a connection. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the restriction in any way.

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