It was just last week when Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth took to Twitter to give his personal opinions on the debate of having devices that are always connected to the Internet. His barrage of tweets resulted in many people predicting the next Xbox would require this constant Internet connection, which after the trouble Diablo III had and SimCity, caused quite the uproar in the gaming community. The results of which may have caused Orth’s early dismissal from Microsoft.

The news of Orth no longer working for Microsoft comes from Game Informer as their sources close to the matter have revealed he allegedly resigned soon after his series of tweets last week. It’s still unknown at this time if Orth’s resignation was voluntary or forced, but considering the timing of his leaving Microsoft, we would have to assume it was the latter.

We understand the topic of an always-on video game console may irk many of you, especially if you’re in an area of the world where a constant Internet connection just isn’t possible, but having someone possibly let go due to their voicing their personal opinions on a touchy subject is getting old really quick.  Yes – Orth could have handled the situation more elegantly as he did hold an influential position at Microsoft, but he didn’t and absolutely shouldn’t have been the victim of Microsoft’s wrath, regardless if he possibly leaked their plans for the next Xbox or not.

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