smartphone-flow-cytometer-microscopeIt is said that plenty of science and medicine fields do rely on microscope and flow cytometry use, where the former see action in numerous medical fields including identifying pathogens and examining tissue samples for aberrations among others. As for flow cytometry, it is used for cell sorting, counting and biomarker detection, and comes in handy to diagnose different disorders, where among them also include hematological malignancies. The thing is, such technology is not easily available in remote and poor countries, which is why a more affordable, workable solution needs to be discovered.

A bunch of scientists from UCLA has come up with an attachment to a normal cell phone which is capable of transforming it into an impromptu fluorescent microscope or fluorescent flow cytometer, now how about that? We are quite sure that third world countries will find this attachment more than useful, as it makes life easier to identify various pathogens out there. The thing is, how high of an adoption rate will it see?

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