renault-ledConcept cars are one way for an automobile company to show the world what is possible, when all sorts of current restrictions are removed from the way, and one indulged in nothing but the power of imagination. Of course, this does not mean that all concept cars will not be realized off the production line somewhere in the world, but when it comes to Renault’s latest concept car, the Twin’Z, who knows what the future will be able to hold?

The TwinZ concept from Renault is the brainchild of British industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, where the ride is actually part of Renault’s exhibition for the Triennale Design Week in Milan, Italy. It resembles something that looks like a black light and LED scenario that only the more imaginative folks can dream up of, and the internal cocoon, so to speak, was designed to evoke a “liquid, organic, human architecture.” Definitely looks funky by any other means, of course! The electric-powered mini TwinZ will also feature a re-imagined dashboard which throws out what we do know about existing rides, sporting instead a solitary mini-tablet which controls the vehicle’s heating, seat adjustments, light activation, and roof.

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