We’ve been hearing quite a lot about Windows Blue lately. Microsoft has only confirmed the Blue moniker, they’ve not said anything else about it. Previous Blue related rumors claim that this update will be akin to a service pack which will be released for Windows 8. It has also been rumored that Microsoft will be releasing Windows Blue as part of the Windows 8 wave, and that it is certainly not Windows 9. According to a new rumor that came out today, Microsoft will actually merge Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, the result will be called Windows Blue. How both of these platforms will be merged, raises some important questions.

Even right now both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 share a lot of code, they have the same underlying kernel, same Metro UI, networking code as well as cross platform app compatibility. If integration is only limited to the codebases then the changes that Windows Blue will bring are going very nominal. If it is not limited to the codebases, then Windows Blue may be a very big project. It will bring integrate features from both platforms in to one single core OS that will work on all kinds of devices. It is rumored that Windows Blue is being developed by a separate team which is different from the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 teams.

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