arduino-robot-kitFor those who have been wondering what all the rage concerning Arduino has been in the past, well, just check out this Kissing Evaluator that is Arduino powered. In fact, many folks have already been taking advantage of the hugely popular Arduino DIY computing platform as you can tell by the example we quoted, while some others have used it to build robots in addition to a range of other computing devices. Arduino boards are definitely cheap (relatively speaking) and relatively easy to use devices which will also offer support for a range of sensors and motors. Enter the official Arduino Robot kit that makes life even easier to get started, where this kit would arrive with just about everything required for you to make and program a simple robot.

It will come equipped with a motor board that will assist the robot in getting around, while a control board features sensors which will enable the device to figure out just where it is and where it is headed to. Individual boards will feature an ATmega32u4 16 MHz processor alongside 32KB of memory, and the entire shebang would run on a quartet of AA batteries, although it too, can be powered from USB power. Other hardware specifications include an LCD display, LED lights, a speaker, compass, IR port, wheels, and there is also some more space to hook up additional sensors and other hardware. [Product Page]

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