The BelkinDyle Mobile TV receiver for iPhone and iPad has been launched today. The receiver is designed to work with Dyle Mobile TV service. This service is used for getting live local broadcasts through a range of accessories for various mobile devices. Belkin is the first ‘big’ accessory manufacturer to have come out with a receiver for Dyle Mobile TV. There’s slight caveat though, the receiver won’t work with newer devices such as iPhone 5 and iPad mini because there’s only a 30-pin version available right now which won’t plug in to the connector of these new devices.


The receiver can be purchased directly from Belkin’s website for $129. Dyle Mobile TV service is free and is supported in 37 major U.S. markets, the full coverage map of this service can be viewed here. The receiver has an extendable titanium antenna, comes with a neoprene carrying case and weighs less than six ounces. No Wi-Fi or cellular data plan is required to watch live local broadcast from Dyle Mobile TV. The BelkinDyle receiver is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, the original iPad and iPad 2 as well as iPad 3.

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