potato-holder-mcdonalds-japanWe certainly know how hard it is to visit a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru service and not begin to eat your food immediately upon receiving it as I know my wife can’t help but eat a fry or two. But for those of you who take your mobile eating serious, it can certainly be dangerous to reach down to the passenger seat or your lap to grab onto your food. That’s why you need this “potato holder” to help you munch and drive.

The potato holder comes from McDonald’s Japan and will start rolling out on April 24 when their patrons order a value meal with a large order of fries. The potato holder will be given as a free accessory for drivers to place in their vehicle to help keep their french fries in an easy-to-find location as it is made to fit into the cup holder of any vehicle.

Unfortunately for us in the U.S., the potato holder will only be made available as a promotional item in Japan. Considering how much more fast food we eat compared to Japan, I’m offended we weren’t thought of first for the potato holder. I mean, I can pretty much guarantee you’re eating something or at least thinking of eating something right at this moment.

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