EA’s Dead Space 3 may have come and gone, but one thing fans of the series will never forget is just how awesome the Plasma Cutter is as it can effectively cut up a necromorpth with very little effort. That’s why we absolutely had to feature Patrick Priebe’s working replica of Dead Space’s Plasma Cutter.

Priebe’s Plasma Cutter working replica uses a total of five laser beams – three green lasers to aim and two blue, 1,500 milliwatt beams to burn stuff with. It took Priebe a total of 200 hours to build his Plasma Cutter, and as you can see in the video above, it can shift between horizontal and vertical orientations and can even be reloaded with energy packs. The blue 1,500 milliwatt beam can be seen burning holes in a piece of wood and through a plastic bag, although we’re sure it isn’t strong enough to do any serious damage to a person.

Unfortunately for you build-it yourselfers, Priebe isn’t releasing any information in how exactly you can make your own Plasma Cutter. Fortunately for those of you with some extra pocket money, he is selling products on his website, which we’re sure is only a matter of time until his Plasma Cutter is available for sale.

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