Pepsi and Facebook do seem to have a pretty cordial relationship, where we first talked about how Pepsi’s Social Vending Machine allows you to surprise a friend with a refreshing dose of Pepsi over the Internet back in 2011, while a year later after that, there was word on how Pepsi could introduce a vending machine in the UK that allows shoppers to purchase Pepsi for their friends over Facebook. Well, fast forward to 2013, and we have a new kind of vending machine – one that actually exchanges cans of ice cold Pepsi in place of Facebook “Likes”. Could “Likes” end up as some sort of digital currency in the future? Not likely, but it is still a decent indicator in a matrix performance for webpages online.

This idea was hatched by marketing and communications agency TBWA Belgium for Pepsi, culminating in what they call a “Like Machine” that gives a free can of Pepsi for a Facebook “Like”, accepting no other form of currency. Man, what would I give to earn a free BMW. Perhaps 100,000 Likes would do the trick, no? Check out the video above to see how you can quench your thirst with some free Pepsi.

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