So you are hoping that someone with a pair of Google Glass might actually be careless enough to lose this unique and I would go so far out on a limb to say that it is highly sought after, too, pair of technologically advanced glasses. This wearable Android-based computer will be able to let you control it to a certain extent by talking to it, but with just a few thousand Google Glass units out in the masses at this point in time, not to mention a $1,500 sticker price tag, they are not too common. What if you want to give the Google Glass apps a go? Fret not, Reddit user zhuowei has performed his fair share of modifications on a few Google Gass apps so that they can now run on on a Nexus 7 tablet, with the possibility of functioning on other devices as well.

Known as Glass Home, it is more or less an alternative to the default Android app launcher. Whenever you use it as your home screen, it will rely on your tablet’s microphone to listen to your voice instructions. Kicking off an action is as simple as saying, “OK Glass,” where the app will subsequently suggest a fair number of options including snapping a photo, recording a video, or even getting some directions. Will it play nice on the rumored next generation Nexus 7 as well?

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