Ever since Google Glass has been made available to a select number of people, we’ve been seeing a number of Glass-related applications such as a Reddit application, an app that allows you to wink to take a photo, and an app which lets you upload your Google Glass videos straight to YouTube, it’s about time Google rolled out an official update for its wearable computer.

If you’re one of the lucky few who currently own a Google Glass, then you can look forward to a new update being rolled out by Google which will include the expected list of bug fixes, optimizations and improvements. In addition to those, Google has updated Google Glass to sync data in the background when its plugged in and is connected to Wi-Fi, messages and transcriptions of queries is faster and the battery charge estimation has also been improved.

New features are also being rolled out to Google Glass as you’ll now be able to receive Google+ and Hangout notifications while also being able to comment and +1 Google+ posts directly through Glass. Today’s update is available as an over-the-air update which can be initiated once your Google Glass is connected to power source.

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