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Google Hangouts Plugin Will Not Be Needed On Chrome Anymore
Google brought its communication services under the Hangouts banner not too long ago, it is now a one-stop solution for instant messaging between Android devices and computers as well as video calls. Unfortunately those who used the service on Google’s own Chrome browser would require a Google Hangouts plugin before they were able to video chat. It seems troublesome in this day and age to make users download plugins if […]

Google Hangouts App Update Improves SMS, MMS Messaging
Google released an update to its Google Hangouts that would support SMS messages within the application last month, although the release wasn’t completely free of little annoyances when dealing with SMS messages. Thankfully, Google has released an update to its Hangouts today that addresses a number of issues users have had with the feature.

Google Hangouts SMS Support Is Finally Here
Google Hangouts SMS support on Android is no longer a dream. Vic Gundotra announced a number of improvements that have been made to Hangouts, today. Improvements include support for SMS, location sharing and animated GIFs. It was previously rumored that support for SMS messages in Hangouts will come with Android 4.4 KitKat, but evidently Google doesn’t want us to keep waiting. Unfortunately, Google Voice still hasn’t been integrated in the Android […]

Google Hangouts For Android Reportedly Getting SMS And MMS Integration
New screenshots and an accompanying report claim that the next Google Hangouts for Android update, version 1.3, will bring new communication abilities. Hangouts is finally expected to get SMS and MMS integration. Up till now it has only worked to unify Google+ Messenger and Google Talk, there was no native ability in Hangouts to send messages through SMS. Google has already promised that SMS integration will come to Hangouts, so its […]


Google Helpouts Brings Experts To Google+ Hangouts Platform
Google Hangouts has been a great improvement over Google’s previous fragmented services that would have users firing up different programs for different services. In Google Hangouts, you can chat, send images and initiate a video or voice chat at any time, but what if you need to know something that your friends can’t possibly know? Enter Google Helpouts.

Google+ For Android Ditches Messenger For Hangouts
Fans of Google’s social networking service, Google+, were probably pretty stoked to hear the company was rolling out some major changes to the service earlier this year that would makes changes to its layout, photos and incorporation of Hangouts. Today, Google is announcing it’s adding some new features to Google+ for AndroidGoogle+ for Android will come with a total of five new features, one of which is removing Messenger support within […]

Google Rolls Out Voice Support In Hangouts
Google has finally rolled out an update that would allow Hangouts users to make voice calls.

Google Hangouts To Receive Voice Support 'Soon'
The problem Google Voice users have experienced in Hangouts will soon be fixed.

Google Voice Calls Crippled By Google Hangouts Upgrade Within Gmail
Google Voice has been crippled when users attempt to make or receive calls on their computer while using Gmail.

SMS Integration And Outgoing Calls In Hangouts App Coming Soon
A Google employee has confirmed that Hangouts will be supporting SMS and outgoing calls in the near future.

Google Hangouts App Confirmed For Google Glass
Google has confirmed that its new Hangouts messaging app will be available for Google Glass as well.

Google Hangouts Now Available As iOS, Android, Chrome Standalone Apps
During yesterday’s extremely long Google I/O keynote, the company dedicated a good amount of time announcing improvements to its Google+ social networking platform. One of the major changes they announced yesterday was to its Hangouts feature, which Google was looking to make conversing to one another across platforms a much easier and seamless experience. Soon after their keynote, Google made the new version of Google Hangouts available on iOS, Android and […]

Google+ Receiving Major Changes To Layout, Hangouts, Photos Today
Google launched its Google+ social network back in June 2011 and since then, they have made some big changes to the service over the past two years. At Google I/O, the company announced it would be making up to 41 changes to Google+, with many of them starting today.One of the first changes Google+ will be receiving later today is a new layout which allows its users to use a […]

Google Babel To Be Unveiled At I/O As Google Hangouts [Rumor]
Last month, we heard a lot about Google Babel as we saw screenshots of its web interface were leaked as well as a rumor of it supporting Google Voice when it’s launched. It looks like the rumor mill is picking up again as we’re hearing a new rumor in regards to Google Babel.The recent rumor concerning Google Babel reportedly comes from a source inside of Google who revealed some information on the […]

Google Glass Update Brings Bug Fixes And Google+, Hangouts Notifications
Ever since Google Glass has been made available to a select number of people, we’ve been seeing a number of Glass-related applications such as a Reddit application, an app that allows you to wink to take a photo, and an app which lets you upload your Google Glass videos straight to YouTube, it’s about time Google rolled out an official update for its wearable computer.If you’re one of the lucky few who […]

Google Hangouts Receives Remote Desktop Control Feature
We’ve seen a number of improvements to Google Hangouts over the past couple of months that have certainly helped its users get the most out of it, two of the most recent updates adding automatic muting while you type and a screen capture feature. Today, Google is once again adding another feature to its Hangout chat client, and this one will certainly delight parents around the world who have no idea what’s […]