Yesterday we reported that it was possible that Google Now might be draining the battery of your iOS device. Google Now for iOS was only released late last month for both iPhone and iPad, though its not available as a standalone app, rather it has been added to the Google Search app. Since Now provides information such as traffic, weather etc, it needs to know the location of the device. For this purpose, Location Services is kept running all the time. A number of apps that keep it running, tend to drain the battery life. Google has claimed in an official statement that this is not the case with Now.

In its statement the company acknowledges that there are apps which keep Location Services running and end up draining the battery, but that is because they require very accurate information. They say that Google Now is built very differently and that it uses Wi-Fi hot spots and cell towers so as to have the minimum impact on battery life. Google says they extensively tested this service on iOS before release and did not find a significant impact on battery performance, so it expects that the users won’t too. Have you used Google Now on iOS and noticed your battery draining more than usual? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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