We caught a leak of an iOS version of Google Now last month which was immediately pulled from the Internet, which lead us to believe it would show up sooner or later. Considering that leak took place last month, it’s safe to say today’s release of Google Now wasn’t exactly surprising, but it certainly is extremely welcoming.

Google Now won’t be made available in its own dedicated application like Google’s YouTube and Google+ dedicated apps. Instead, it’ll be included in the Google Search app in an update that’s being released today. The update will make Google Now completely available to iPhone and iPad owners and will bring nearly all of Google’s information cards from Google Now’s Android version.

Both the iOS and Android versions are nearly identical from one another, although the iOS version can display fewer different kinds of cards, the types of Google Now cards available are largely the same. Either way, this is certainly a step in the right direction for Google to provide its answer to Siri and we’re certainly curious just how many of iOS users will use Google Now over Siri.

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