haptic-adEveryone more or less knows that Google’s main business is search, and a lucrative part of that would deal with advertising, which has since raked in the dough for Google consistently throughout the years. In fact, some have even gone so far as to say that the technologies which Google are working on have one end goal in mind – that is, to obtain as many pageviews as possible in order to display ads on, not to mention garnering as much information concerning you as possible, while showing the most relevant ads in your life. Well, Google might be on to something extra special here, with the USPTO having published a patent application known as “Providing information through tactile feedback”, which means Google’s obsession with ads have yet to be curtailed, but things look set to be even more creative.


The patent app would deal with issues concerning the tactile/haptic feedback on touchscreen devices, where they skimmed the surface on how haptic feedback might be able to help you feel ads in an entirely different manner. No idea on whether this, should it actually be executed at all, will be able to make use want to click on the ads just to get a kick out of the haptic feedback. What do you think?

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