The Xbox One has been a hot topic of discussion in the gaming world ever since Microsoft unveiled their next-generation Xbox last week. We’ve heard reports of it possibly using Skype for remote play and the ongoing used game debacle, and today, we’re hearing about a newly-discovered patent that may hint at the possibility of the Xbox One to offer achievements for its users for just watching TV.


The patent titled “Awards and Achievements Across TV Ecosystem” shows Microsoft is looking into rewarding viewers with achievements for watching linear video content. The document reads: “Traditional television viewing experiences tend to be passive, and do not frequently provide opportunities for a viewer to engage with the programming. Additionally, with the proliferation of digital video recording devices, advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to introduce their advertisements to viewers.”

Even though the patent doesn’t mention Xbox One or any other Microsoft-owned products, like the Xbox 360 or Windows operating system, we can’t imagine any other Microsoft-owned property that would be able to provide this kind of feedback especially since its new Kinect will be watching your every move.

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