The next Xbox is expected to be unveiled on May 21 in Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, Washington, but it looks like the company will have more to share with the public outside of its next-generation Xbox as they have just sent out invites to its pre-E3 Xbox press event, which will be held on June 10.

Since the May 21 event is most likely focused on the next Xbox and what it’s capable of, similar to what we saw Sony did with its February event where it highlighted the PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s pre-E3 event may be used as a way to discuss its plans for its next Xbox on a more broader scale as the company has typically used its press event to highlight a broad range of its upcoming products and notable software. In other words, its May 21 event will most likely be geared towards the hardcore fans, while its E3 press event will be geared towards all gamers as well as those who use their Xbox as an entertainment hub.

Considering Nintendo has bowed out from its press conference at this year’s E3, it’s good to know one of the big three video game console manufacturers are still planning on presenting something at E3. At this point, Microsoft is the only company to announce they will be holding a press conference at E3, but seeing as Sony has yet to “officially” unveil the PlayStation 4, we don’t see why they wouldn’t present at the event as well.

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