Being able to remember all of your passwords is something we’re sure most of you have trouble with on a regular basis as we’re continually reminded we shouldn’t use the same password across multiple services for fear of a single hack. But Motorola is thinking of a new way to help give you access to your private information without having to remember a single keystroke.

Motorola’s leader of special projects Regina Dugan says she would like to bring wearable computers to the masses, but not in the way we think a wearable computer would be. Instead of something like Google Glass, Dugan wants to allow tattoos and pills to be used to help authenticate a users on their device, whether it be a computer or mobile device.

For those not interested in inking up their skin for authentication purposes, a pill is also being suggested that would activate once it’s powered by the subject’s stomach acid. Once it’s activated, the pill would transmit an 18-bit signal, which would pretty much make you a walking password for as long as it’s active.

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