3dprintinglifeWhen it comes to 3D printing, most folks are more than happy to have the hardware churn out multiple pieces at the end of the day, where you then work on connecting one to another. Unfortunately, the chances of you matching these colors together are not that high, so those with a more artistic streak in them who crave for more variety in their palettes might want to check out just what the ProDesk3D printer will be able to offer – as it delivers 3D prints in full color that is not too different from that of an inkjet printer.

The ProDesk3D printer is the brainchild of botObjects, a New York- and London-based company that has this lofty ambition of placing a consumer class 3D printer that is not only feature-rich but affordable in the hands of the masses. How does the ProDesk3D get the job done by extruding more than one color? Well, it uses a couple of extrusion heads, where each of these will emit filaments of different materials just like how inkjet printers produce ink, while providing five primary colors, black included, so that the color range of your 3D printed objects are increased vastly.

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