If you’re an ardent user of the internet, chances are that you have stumbled upon Reddit once or twice. This social news site is also home to Redditors, who are dedicated and quite frankly, addicted to this website. Today Reddit announced that it has built a new privacy policy from the ground up, and this policy goes in effect from May 15th. The new policy is a lot simpler and more to-the-point than the previous one.

The policy is clear on crucial elements and aims to simply describe to users how Reddit handles their data on the site and the steps that they take to ensure a user’s privacy. This new policy was created with the help of Lauren Gelman, a lawyer based in San Francisco who has previously worked at the EFF, ACM and the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. The policy goes in effect on the 15th because Reddit wants users to have ample time to go through this new policy and really understand what it means. The full text of Reddit’s new privacy policy can be found here.

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