samsung-galaxy-s4-review-033Uh-oh, it seems that there could be some bad news for Sprint subscribers who might have pre-ordered their Samsung Galaxy S4 from Best Buy! According to the folks at Android Central, it seems that Best Buy has been sending out emails to customers who have pre-ordered the device, basically stating that they have run into some delays and that some of the orders placed for Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S4 could be shipped later with dates ranging anywhere between the 9th of May until the 20th of May.

Of course this is definitely not good news for those looking forward to getting Samsung’s latest smartphone and Best Buy did state in their email that customers are free to cancel their orders. It does not seem that Best Buy is doing anything to appease these customers, so we guess if you have been affected by the delay, you’ll either have to wait it out, or cancel it and buy it from somewhere else. Any of our readers out there affected by this delay from Best Buy?

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