Right this minute, you’re most likely reading this article on a device that is connected to the Internet which is also most likely performing a number of other tasks such as checking your emails, receiving instant messages and maybe some other background tasks. But what if you needed a break from all of the technology that surrounds you and get back to the basics one weekend at a time? That’s exactly what Camp Grounded is offering.

Camp Grounded is a new summer camp that is aiming to help adults break away from technology in order to have them experience what it’s like to be a kid again. The summer camp for adults is near Anderson Valley, California and will take place some time next month for four days. The camp will feature a 1970s-style Boy Scouts camp atmosphere and will allow up to 232 campers to partake in the “fun” while they stick to a number of strict rules such as no use of technology, no cell phones and no talking about work. We’re not sure what exactly the camp organizers will do if they catch you breaking any of its rules, but if we had to guess, we’d say the punishment probably has to do with putting a bar of soap in your mouth or some of the other terrible punishments kids experienced in the 70s.

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