project-shield-6While mobile phones were originally designed to be used as a communications device, technology has evolved to the point where we can game comfortably on our phones and tablets, giving game developers another potential market to tap into apart from more traditional channels such as computers or console systems, but just how many gamers are we talking about? Well according to a survey conducted by, they have found that more than half of mobile device owners use their devices to play games. The survey was conducted between the 2nd and 6th of May, and included 2,058 US adults aged 18 and over.

The results of the survey found that 11% of participants played games more than once a day, while 10% played games about once a month or less. They also found that men are more likely to play games on their devices compared to women, but with the difference being a mere 6%, it isn’t that big of a difference. The survey has also found that four of ten adults will pay for a mobile phone game, although the survey has also indicated that tablet owners are more likely to do so than mobile phone users at 55% and 46% respectively. While we guess it’s more or less a given that we play games on our mobile phones, these numbers are also indicative that mobile phone games are becoming more significant which is why devices like NVIDIA’s SHIELD have been met with enthusiasm.

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