xbox-one-mainGamers if you were hoping that things would be different with Microsoft’s Xbox One console in the sense that it will not be region-locked like its predecessors, the Xbox and the Xbox 360, it looks like you’ll be out of luck. Microsoft has seemingly confirmed this to the folks at Digital Trends, although we’re not sure if there are additional details to be had since a statement released to Polygon saying, “Regarding region blocking, Microsoft don’t have anything further to announce at this stage. We’ll have more to share later,” would suggest that there could be more to it.

Region locking is nothing new and consoles like the Nintendo Wii U, Wii and 3DS are region locked, much like Sony’s PlayStation and PlayStation 2, but not the PlayStation 3 with the exception of one game. Sony has yet to confirm if the PS4 will be region-locked, but here’s hoping that it isn’t. We guess Xbox gamers are probably used to it or have already anticipated this, but to those who were hoping otherwise, we guess that won’t be the case for now.

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