invisible-implantWhen one mentions the word “grinder”, what comes across your mind? Most of us would think of some sort of kitchen appliance, while others might associate it with the world of rollerblading. Well, Rich Lee, a grinder, is neither, as “grinders” here are folks who perform do-it-yourself body modifications and enhancements in an effort to improve the human body condition. Sort of like “hacking” your own body, so to speak. Lee happens to suffer from partial blindness, and he has been diagnosed with eventual total blindness, hence he decided to make the effort by installing a magnet into his ear that functions as a speaker.

The magnet was surgically implanted by a ‘body modification artist’ (which obviously should not be tried on your own, since this is not a medically approved operation). Lee will then wear a coil around his neck that ends up creating a magnetic field, where the implant will then vibrate and produce sound. Obviously, Lee hopes that this implant will be able to help in his quest for echolocation purposes when he is fully blind. As the headphones remain invisible to the naked eye, it would also double up as a form of private aid to those who have very little to no sight.

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