Sebastian Düvel is a German developer of iOS apps. He believes that the Facebook app is causing unexpected battery drain in iOS devices. Sebastian’s claims are based on the tests that he conducted using Apple’s Instruments OS X app. This app allows developers to test and analyze code of iOS apps. The results that he has shared show that Facebook’s iOS app is behind battery drain. He found the standalone Facebook Messenger app behaving the same way as well.

Let us first understand how iOS apps work. When the user is not actively using them, they’re supposed to sleep in the background until the user’s opens them again. According to Sebastian, Facebook’s apps are not doing this. Rather they keep activating in the background, unknown to the user, and this is what according to him is causing unnecessary battery drain in iOS devices. Facebook has not yet commented on this, but we’ll keep an eye out for that. Have you noticed unusual battery drain in your iOS devices? Do let us know in the comments if you have had a similar experience.

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